Optical Wireless Superhighways: FREE

new project starting soon

Together with our colleagues at TU Delft , TU/Eindhoven, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Leiden University we will be working with 15 partners to create reliable and secure wireless broadband connections using light instead of radio waves. Expectation is that in this way you can send and process digital data at high speeds, with minimum delays and in a secure manner. The consortium will receive € 4.1 million for this research from the NWO Perspectief program. Read more here!

I will be working on building the first Software Defined Network for Free Space Optic Satellite communication. Stay tuned for new a PhD vacancy or drop an email if you are interested

Alessandro Chiumento
Alessandro Chiumento
Assistant Professor

My research interests distributed intelligence, mobile computing, autonomous multi-agent systems and socially responsible engineering.